The C P Patel and F H Shah Commerce College is affiliated to Sardar Patel University , Vallabh Vidyanagar.The College is located on Bhalej Road , one of the fastest developing areas of the Milk City Anand. All infrastructure facilities including classrooms, audio-visual room equipped with modern teaching equipment, computer center, playground, etc. are available on the campus.

The college is led by an experienced and dynamic Principal, Shri.Dr.R.D.Modi Moreover, the faculty members on the staff are dedicated, caring and cooperative. The institution provides ample scope for the development of the students’ overall personality through various extracurricular activities and academic opportunities

Shri Jashbhai C.Patel of Boriavi and Shri Bhikhubhai F.Shah of Sarsa contributed equally to start a Commerce college .Other elite and philanthropic people from Anand and the surrounding villages donated generously for meeting the increasing educational demands of the community and as a result C.P.Patel & F.H.Shah Commerce College was established in 1971-1972.

To become a premier institution imparting qualitative and value-based educationfor academic excellence and a vibrant centre for infusing skills and knowledge among students to take up the challenges in the present global arena.

To mould the youth of this semi-urban area to cope up with the changing environment and make them competent in the fields of commerce, management and information technology so as to be capable of self-reliance, self-discipline and adventure and thereby accelerate the nation building process of our college.

(1) To provide opportunities to students irrespective of caste, creed or religion for giving meaningful education so as to help them build their careers in the field of business and management

(2) To offer a cadre of well-developed manpower to meet the middle and lower level managerial requirements of the industries and business establishments in the surrounding areas

(3) To enhance the contribution to society and nation at large by making available academic, infrastructural and manpower resources in meeting or addressing a cause

(4) To promote education, best suited to the needs of the society

(5) To encourage research and experiments in the areas of business and management useful for knowledge management.

(6) To spread useful knowledge among various sections of society

C. P. Patel & F. H. Shah Commerce College runs the following Courses:

  1. 1) B.Com English & Gujarati Med.

  2. 2) BBA

  3. 3) BCA (Self financed)

  4. 4) M.Com (Self financed)

  5. 5) BBA (Honors) ITM (Self financed)

  6. 6) PGDCA (Self financed)

  7. 7) Certificate Course in English (self financed)

  8. 8) B.Com English Medium (Self financed)

  9. 9) Bachelor of Vocation

  10. 10) Master of Vocation

  11. 11) Community college

Sardar Patel Education trust (SPET), Anand, Gujarat is the registered Public Trust catering to the needs of the society, through its 15 Educational Institutes under its umbrella for the last FORTY SIX YEARS. The Trust functions with the sole objective of imparting value-based education within the fields of Humanities, Social Sciences and Pure Sciences, Paramedical, Paralegal & Para Engineering. It offers courses from K.G. to P.G. and also Doctoral Research in various subjects to the aspiring youth of the nation. The aim is to provide specialized training with experienced staff and excellent infrastructure combined with practical exposure to create excellent citizens…..

The Trust functions with the sole objective of imparting value-based education within the fields of Humanities, Social Sciences and Pure Sciences, Paramedical, Paralegal & Para Engineering. It offers courses from K.G. to P.G. and also Doctoral Research in various subjects to the aspiring youth of the nation. The aim is to provide specialized training with experienced staff and excellent infrastructure combined with practical exposure to create excellent citizens.

The Journey of FORTY SIX YEARS of Sardar Patel Education Trust commemorates the achievements of the Visionary Leader Shri. Bikhubhai N. Patel, the Managing Trustee & Secretary, a Man with Positive Inclination and a Winning Attitude. His tenure of last Five Years has brought in drastic changes in the process of development and incredible progress in the Sardar Patel Education Trust. Due to his out-and-out hard work, the student body has increased from 3700 to 10,000 mark. Along with a team of Shri Ghanshyambhai Shah, Shri Rameshbhai Patel, Smt. Mrudulaben B. Patel, Shri Pankajbhai Patel and Shri Rakeshbhai Shah, as Joint Secretaries.


In the year 1969, the Trust received donation of Rs. 1,11,111 from Late Shri Naranbhai Shankarbhai Patel, a well-known Tobacco Merchant of Khanpur of Anand District. Thus, N.S.Patel Arts College, (NAAC Accreditated) was established in his name, in the year 1970 with 40 girls students and limited courses, as the First Institute of the Trust which has now grown into a huge banyan tree offering a variety of courses Under Graduate and Post Graduate Courses.

C.P.Patel & F.H.Shah Commerce College (NAAC Acreditated) was established in 1970. Late Shri Jashbhai Chaturbhai Patel of Boriavi and Shri Bhikhubhai Fulchand Shah of Sarsa donated Rs. 1,11,111/- each to start college in their father’s name, i.e. Late Shri Chaturbhai Prabhudasbhai Patel and Shri Fulchandbhai Hirachandbhai Shah, respectively. There are a variety of courses offered under its banner also.

N.H.Patel College of Education was established in 1971 with the goal of providing good teachers to the society. The institute was established with the donation given by Shri Motibhai Naranbhai Patel, the son of Shri Naranbhai H. Patel.

In J.P.Thakkar High School (English Medium), K.J.Thakkar Primary School (Gujarati Medium) and V.J.Patel Practicing School, values are inculcated in the minds of the children at a very young age. Every month, one particular value is focused upon, and a variety of programmes are organized based on that ‘value’. Thus it forms a ‘ part and parcel’ of the child’s life. Besides for the overall development of the personality of the child, a number of programmes are also organized throughout the year. The donation of Rs. 1, 11,111/- to start the schools was made by Late Shri Jaykrishnabhai P. Thakkar in 1992 and it started functioning from 1994.

Smt. D.J.Patel Institute of Computer Education and Information Techonology, came into being in 1997. Late Shri Himmatbhai Jashbhai Patel donated to start it in the name of his loving mother Smt. Dahiben Jashbhai Patel. This computer centre has now about 150 number of computers, offering Computer Education to the Students.

“With India taking the center stage on the global economic scene, Indian industries and commerce are facing enormous challenges on various fronts. Establishing and maintaining superiority, in terms of technology, quality, delivery and customer support, is top priority for Indian companies. Although they are meeting the challenges strongly and with determination, the first signs of strain have started appearing. Indian corporates are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain the human talent that is required to face the formidable global challenges. Next decade will be decisive for the world economy and in turn for India, as we strive to build our own domestic economic infrastructure….

I believe that right education helps in developing the right understanding, reasoning and thinking skills. It also helps to instill a life-long appreciation for learning and foster a sense of moral and ethical behaviour. We are committed to the philosophy that each student must have the opportunity to reach his or her full potential that enhances self-esteem and to become a successful part of a demanding and changing world.

Sardar Patel Education Trust has evolved from a strong need to develop technomanagerial manpower for niche’ industry segments, into a socially conscious and integrated school of management. This need arises as a result of high degree of specialization in an increasingly competitive environment. SPET is responsible to bridge the requirements for business minds who can work seamlessly in the corporate environment.

Over the year the health delivery system in India as else where, has become very complex with burgeoning demand, rapid technological changes, growing complexities of procedures, increasing competition and heightened consciousness of consumer rights and quality of service. There is increasing corporatization of health care delivery system with emphasis on efficiency, quality of service and quick delivery though at higher costs. Looking to our poor rating on health indices, the Government has launched focusing on access and affordability. The key issue now is not money but management.

To satisfactorily deal with growing complexities of the health system, greater professionalism is needed. Sardar Patel Education Trust is trying to create such professionals at its campuses at Anand through its flagship Paramedical Courses.

We have provided quality infrastructure at various Institutes of Sardar Patel Education Trust for our students and trainees alike. It is gratifying to see that within short space of three year, this Institute has carved out a niche itself among management institutions in health sector.

I wish the Trust rapid growth in all its academic and research endeavors.”


-Shree Bhikhubhai.N.Patel

( Managing Trustee & Secretary )



  • (1) The BBA Programme is an intensive course in Business Management affiliated to Sardar Patel University.

  • (2) It is a three year (comprising six semesters) full time graduate degree course after HSC / equivalent examination.

  • (3) In all, a student learns 24 subjects during three years earning 144 credits. The major emphasis is on developing analytical ability and thereby improving students’ decision making skills.



The BBA Programme is designed to prepare managerial manpower to meet the needs of organisations, thus, serving as a link between education and industry. It aims at creating highly motivated, bright and young students. It also works towards providing service and leadership to the academic and business community and spreading of knowledge, information and insights of all areas of management. The focus is to prepare managers with adequate knowledge of a set of management practices and decision making capabilities for effective and meaningful interaction in organizations

As per the guidelines of UGC, NAAC and the Supreme Court an Anti Sexual Harassment Cell has been established by Presidency College to provide a healthy and congenial atmosphere to the staff and students of the College. The cell was constituted to meet the four basic objectives:



Candidates who have passed the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination Std XII (Any Stream) conducted by Gujarat Higher Secondary Education Board or its equivalent, at first attempt with English securing minimum 35% Marks in the aggregate can apply. However, candidates with Mathematics or Book-Keeping will be given preference. The candidate should affix a recent passport size photograph on the application form at the place provided for. Three more copies of the photographs will have to be submitted at the time of admission.



Selection will be on the basis of merit and personal interview where English Proficiency and General Aptitude of the candidate will be tested. Selected candidates will be required to pay the fees immediately. The decision of the College authority in respect of admission shall be final and binding to all. Application forms duly completed should be submitted with original and attested xerox copies of the following: (i) Mark sheets of SSC and HSC Examinations (ii) School Leaving Certificate and (iii) Passport size Photograph (Nos 3) Candidates admitted to the BBA Course will have to pay fees (in full) for the Semester by the date specified along with the necessary original documents. Failure to pay the fees in time will result in cancellation of admission. Fees once paid will not be refunded.



Evaluation would be done on the basis of Internal Test Examinations conducted by the college during the Semester and the University Examination conducted at the end of the term as per the rules of the University for the Choice Based Credit System. In addition, overall performance of students in Class, Assignments, Attendance, Contribution to Extra-Curricular Activities etc. would be taken into consideration.



Students are expected to maintain punctuality and sincerity in attending classes as it would enable them to build a reservoir of knowledge and facilitate their academic growth. The College has its own set of regulations for attendance which are to be observed strictly by the students.



The College has a Guidance Corner arranged in close cooperation with renowned Indian Companies, Employment Exchange and Sardar Patel University Vocational Guidance Centre. The Placement Cell seeks to bring prospective candidates in touch with employers.

B. Com (GIA)


  • (1) B.Com – College First in University Examination Late Shri Chaturbhai Prabhudasbhai Patel Medal.

  • (2) SYB.Com – College First in University Examination Cash Award by Shri Ambalal Zaverbhai Patel of Agas.

  • (3) FYB.Com – College First in University Examination Cash Award by Late Shri Himmatbhai Jashbhai Patel from Dahiben Jashbhai Patel Education Society, Anand.



Candidates who have passed the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination Std XII (Any Stream) conducted by Gujarat Secondary Education Board or its equivalent, with English may apply.

However, a candidate having passed with the following subjects may be given preference :

  • English and

  • Business Organization, Elements of Accountancy (Any One) and

  • Business Mathematics, Economics, Statistics (Any One)

About the Department (DDU KAUSHAL KENDRA)

DDU KAUSHAL KENDRA, Department of Vocational studies, C P PATEL & F H SHAH COMMERCE COLLEGE, Anand. A leading institute of national importance serves in the favor of society. Department prepares students for tomorrow. There is an urgent need for taking integrated initiatives towards knowledge acquisition and up gradation of skilled human competences in today’s scenario. Department provides purely skill based practical aspect learning for students that will enhance their aptitude skills. We are highly engaged in market skill impartment and working side by side with current market conditions.


BCA/BBAITM/PGDCA department C P Patel and F H Shah Commerce College provides high quality computer education at a very high standard at a very low cost.’ Institute mission is to create a pool of high quality software professionals who will meet the demanding needs of multinational organizations for tomorrow’s challenges.

Training methods have been maximized with “learning” rather than “teaching” through well equipped lab ONE-TO-ONE ratio (ONE COMPUTER FOR ONE STUDENT). With structured combination of theoretical and practical sessions, reinforced with higher configuration computers in every class room for live demonstration.

B.Com. & M.Com (Self Finance )

B.Com. Self -financed course was started in the year 2010 and M.Com. in 2004

  • 1. M.Com – with more optional subject i.e. HRM (as suggested by NAAC Peer team & looking to the growing demand of the subject)

  • 2. PG Diploma in Export-Import Management

  • 3. B.Com – with vocational subjects like Advertising, Sales Promotion & Sales Management