Research Cell

Research culture on campus has been promoted by encouraging Teachers and Students to undertake research. A Research Committee has been formed to oversee and provide impetus to research activity in the institution. Research Activities of the college confirm to all applicable rules and regulations of the affiliating University and U. G. C. as well as to the established standards and norms relating to safe and ethical conduct of research 

Ample opportunities are made available to students and teachers for participating in seminars, conferences and workshops. Facilities such as journals, incentives and on duty leave (OOD) are also provided.

A good number of Research papers authored by our faculty members have been published in peer reviewed journals and as proceedings in National and International Conferences.

Code of Ethics for Research

All students pursuing research in the college are expected to maintain high standards of integrity, honesty and professionalism in respect of all the work undertaken by them

Since the college is affiliated to Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidhyanagar, the college follows the regulations of the University and U. G. C. regarding plagiarism and malpractice in research.

A Ph. D./ M. Phil. thesis submitted from the Institution is screened by Sardar Patel University, for plagiarism.