our library

To provide reading,lending,reference information & documentation facilities to Users

To promote reading habit among students.


A specialised service provided by the Library includes INFLIBNET. The Library has online access to INFLIBNET e-resources which provides more than 6,000 online Journals and 31, 35,000 e-books.
The key functions of the library, which is automated are acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, accession record, classification, cataloguing. Library Membership etc. are maintained with the help of the software. Circulation of Books is done with the help of barcode & barcode scanner.

Library at a Glance
Library Area 2464 sq.ft
990 sq.ft (SF)
Classification Dewey Decimal Classification
Library System Open Access
Reading Hall Seating Capacity 120 Readers + 40 Reader & (250)Seminar Hall
Cameras 2 CCTV Camera
Database Inflibnet (Nlist)
Software SOUL 2.0

The Library of the College was established in 1970-71 with the establishment of the college. The College has a good collection of about 28428 books. A good number of books and journals are added every year. The Library subscribes 71 periodicals, (magazines, journals and newspapers). The Library recognises the importance of functioning in a thoroughly professional way taking into consideration the interests of all departments. The Library Committee consists of the Principal as Chairperson aided by a Convenor, senior faculty and the Librarian. The faculty members of the committee also play an important role in coordinating the Library Orientation for the new entrants. The Library is housed in the main building of the College with 120 seating capacity and (250 Students Seminar Hall) for reading purpose. The Library has a wide collection of books, journals, audio-video materials, photocopying facility, newspapers, rare books, e-resources, previous years question papers etc. Best Library users Award is given by College on the annual day.


  • Library Orientation program: Every year the library conducts Library Orientation program for new comers in order to make them aware of the library facilities available for them.
  • Book Exhibition: Every year the college library holds the Book Exhibition.
  • Visit : Other Library Visits.
  • Celebration: Library day, Sardar Patel ,Swami Vivekananda Birth Celebration etc.
  • Best Readers’ Award: Every year the college library gives “Best Readers of the Year Award” to the students and Staff .The award carries a certificate or
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