Yoga and Sports Band (Vyayam, Yog, Khel-kud Dhara):

It is compulsory for the teachers and students to take part in the activities under this group. All the teachers and students have to belong to this cluster.

Yoga is the best medium to experience the characteristics of the Sthitapragya or the one who has steadfast intellect as expressed in Indian culture. This cluster aims at imparting upon the students true knowledge of physical education as it is distinctly related with the mental and spiritual processes. The prayer, too, has high significance for our inner development.

The Indian tradition of Yoga is hailed and defined in many scriptures as:

  1. Yog: Chit Vruti Nirodh
  2. Yog: Karamasu Kaushalam
  3. Yog: Samatvam Uchchatey
  4. Yog: Sarvam Jivnam Aev