To become a premier institution imparting qualitative and value-based educationfor academic excellence and a vibrant centre for infusing skills and knowledge among students to take up the challenges in the present global arena.


To mould the youth of this semi-urban area to cope up with the changing environment and make them competent in the fields of commerce, management and information technology so as to be capable of self-reliance, self-discipline
and adventure and thereby accelerate the nation building process of our


1)      To provide opportunities to students irrespective of caste, creed or religion for giving meaningful education so as to help them build their careers in the field of business and management

2)      To offer a cadre of well-developed manpower to meet the middle and lower level managerial requirements of the industries and business establishments in the surrounding areas

3)      To enhance the contribution to society and nation at large by making available academic, infrastructural and manpower resources in meeting or addressing a cause

4)      To promote education, best suited to the needs of the society

5)      To encourage research and experiments in the areas of business and management useful for knowledge management

6)      To spread useful knowledge among various sections of society

7)      To motivate the youth for community welfare activities

8)      To promote and organize activities and programmes for exposure and development of
skills and talents of students

9)      To equip students so that they grow up into responsible assets of our society.