Music and Dance Band (Geet, Sangeet, Nrutya Dhara):

Under this cluster, it is essential to include fundamental values and practices of Music, Arts and Poetry through which one can attain the Knowledge of Soul. Among the three, Music is doubtlessly predominant. However, the modern youth of India need to know the origin, history, development and meaning of music in India as well as the world over. The main objective of this cluster would be that of making students understand the innate and deeper meaning of music and enabling them to enjoy the spirit and sense of music from the depth of heart.

Talent Programmes of colleges should be aimed at bringing out inner talent of students. However, it is found many a time that so called talent programmes are not organized in the righteous design. Such events have to be reformed. Colleges can arrange musical events for three to four days and provide platform to students as well as teachers to express their talent so as to consolidate our faith in cultural values and to experience the richness of cultural and historical heritage of India.