The Student Computer Labs (SCL) are a distributed network of computer facilities across the C.P.Patel & F.H.Shah Commerce College, serving the needs of students and faculty. Each lab in the SCL network is operated and supported by one of Colleges, or Organizational Units.

In addition to meeting the general academic needs of all students, each lab provides discipline-specific software and resources to fulfill the unique academic requirements of the students within the supporting College.

The Student Computer Labs provide innovative technologies and services that attract, inspire and support current and future C.P.Patel & F.H.Shah Commerce College students as they pursue their academic and personal goals. The SCLs offer a wide range of services and resources that support innovation, creative cross-discipline endeavors, and academic development.

open access to high quality, technologically-advanced environments in which students may pursue their academic endeavors.

state-of-the-art environments that support students in their personal and professional goals and assist them in preparing for the work force of the future.

technology that promotes the university’s commitment to academics, research, community engagement, and creative activities.

computer lab environments that support increased leadership in professional service and outreach activities that improve the quality of life.environments that nurture a spirit of community, unity, and pride throughout the university.

In today’s technology-oriented society, it is imperative that students, no matter what their discipline, are exposed to and are made aware of computer and related technologies. This prepares them to meet the challenges and requirements of theindustry. Club activities include training programs in advanced courses such as Windows, MS Office, WordPress, PHP, HTML, Android, VB, .NET, SQL Server, Java, apart from technology awareness sessions, seminars and visits to trade fairs.