Community/Social Service Band (Samudaya Seva Dhara):

Having its majority of people living in villages, it is necessary for a country like India to make her students aware of the realities of rural India. Rural development is the right parameter of our progress. Eradication of rural problems has been our priority. We have to aim at maximizing students’ participation in activities under this cluster. Following activities/efforts can be taken up:

  1. Students should have firsthand experience of the life in villages.
  2. They should visit the villages with constructive messages.
  3. They will carry out survey on geographic, educational, economic and social aspects of people in rural India.
  4. Students should be educated on the developmental work/plan for rural welfare with the help of machineries for rural welfare like Centre for Environmental Education (CEE), Providing Urban Amenities for Rural Areas (P.U.R.A.).

Moreover, efforts have to be directed upon inculcating philosophy of nationalism and understanding of internationalism among students. Schemes like adoption of a plant, a village and environmental awareness will be special focus of this cluster. Every college will form an ‘Eco Club’.