Alumni Overview 

The College is proud of having the oldest Alumni Association  It was founded on the initiative of a group of former students, with the object of organizing an annual reunion.The idea of forming an association of past CP-ites stemmed from the desire for fellowship and the pull of an emotional bond with the college.


  • To inculcate the values of the Alumni and their responsibility towards the society.
  • To act as a channel of communication for information related to the members’ general interest.
  • To form a link between its members, C.P.PATEL & F.H.SHAH COMMERCE College ,fresh graduates of CP Alumni / Present students of CP and representatives of Industries, Associations etc.
  • To carry out research, or undertake non-commercial projects in order to enrich the knowledge of its members, and Alumni / present students of CP and to contribute to those socially relevant problem areas which need a non-commercial approach.
  • To co operate with and / or affiliate with other associations doing similar work in India or in other countries.
  • To organize short duration courses of continuous education in various disciplines for the alumni / present students of the college.
  • To organize talks, workshops, seminars, group discussions etc. on matters of topical interest.
  • To set up and maintain an infra structure for the betterment of the college / its Alumni / its present students / libraries / information / services / placement cells.
  • To promote contact and communication among members of the Association and between the Association and the Institute and other academic bodies/ organizations,
  • To provide a forum for the members of the Association for exchange of experience, information and views.
  • To assist the students and scholars of the Institute and members of the Association in their academic pursuits and professional careers.
  • To promote the social and cultural interests of the alumni, by meetings and publications, and to promote the development of the College.
  • To develop and strengthen a feeling of fraternity amongst its members and the Alumni / present students of the CP and other institutions on the campus.